A History of Success

John Carter started investing in real estate in Alberta in 2001. Starting with the purchase of single family homes, he quickly transitioned to the advantages of economies of scale and profitability that multi-family apartment buildings have to offer.  He purchased the first building, a 12 suite apartment, while still in his last year of university.

Since that time he has completed several other condo conversion projects, joint ventured investments, and worked with dozens of projects on a consulting basis. It is with this cumulative experience and demand from clients and fellow real estate investors that brought the extension of real estate investment coaching services. Many wanted to learn from this success.

Our strategy has proven successful time and again, see a few examples of some past projects below and contact us to find out if you are a fit to join in this proven success model.

“Dealing with John has been a profitable experience. His wealth of knowledge and expertise have helped me get into some lucrative projects, and I look forward to doing business with him in the future. John has a keen eye for real estate, and he’s always there to help, regardless of whether you have a deal on the go or not. I highly recommend John’s service to both the seasoned investor, and the first time investor buyer.”

Ben Corns – Multi-Family Buyer & Seller

Example Past Projects

Area: Westmount, Edmonton, AB.
Year purchased: 2001
Purchase Price: $530,000 ($44,166/unit)
Sale Price ranges: $90,000 – $165,000/unit
Description: 12 unit multi-family property

After Renovation Program

Area: Edson, AB.

Year purchased: 2007
Purchase Price: $1,405,000 ($58,541/unit)
Sale Price ranges: $105,000 – $172,000/unit
Description: 24 unit multi-family property

Before Renovation Program


After Renovation Program


Single Family Properties

We have invested directly in many single family projects as well in the past. Typical target was to add secondary basement suites, in good residential areas, targeting 2-3 bedrooms up and 2 bedroom down. Renovating to add value and increase rental rates. We have exited several of these properties and maintain some in our current portfolio.

Here are two examples:



Area: Inglewood, Edmonton, AB.
Year purchased: 2002
Purchase Price: $126,500
Year sold: 2010
Sale Price: $280,000 + cash flow entire time and debt reduction.
Description: 2 + 2 bed, double detached garage.



Area: Millwoods, Edmonton, AB.
Year purchased: 2001
Purchase Price: $123,000
Still actively own and rent. Excellent cash flow and refinanced our initial equity investment out within 1.5 years from purchase.
Description: 3 + 2 bed, no garage.

Consulting Projects

In addition to directly owned projects, John Carter has been hired as a consultant and REALTOR on many projects, transacting over 100 investment real estate deals. An expert on Edmonton and Alberta multi-family properties, his expertise was utilized for acquisition, strategy, renovation consultation, marketing, and end unit sales. Working with several very large Canadian companies, as well as individual real estate investors, this experience is now available to you.

“Working with the John Carter and his team, one can expect knowledgeable professionalism. With promptness and courtesy they respond to inquiries and requests, which is critical to our business operating out of Vancouver. John and the team have an accurate sense of the market, and offer valuable strategic suggestions to sell property. We also appreciate that they do not over extend themselves and are selective with their clientele, which allows them to give the necessary attention to each project that is a requirement to sell in this competitive market. John has proven that they can effectively manage potential buyers and work well with all parties through closing. We would recommend his services.”

Chance Lee – Platinum Properties Group


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